36Pix revolutionizes school portrait industry using the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

36Pix revolutionizes school portrait industry using the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

Learn more about the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press here: http://hp.tl/6009BQyeF

Robert Ste-Marie, President and CEO, 36Pix, shares how HP Indigo digital printing technology has enabled the company to revolutionize the school photography industry and replace silver halide processes with HP Indigo digital printing.

“The first challenge we had was to print a high quality print and the HP Indigo 5600 gave us that, because without a high quality print you can’t participate in the portrait industry. Right now we’re geared for about 5-6,000 books a day. We did approximately 200,000 portrait book last year, about 100,000 of these books were for Green Apple, which is our studio. We do about 750 locations here in Quebec and – – Ontario. And we’ve done about 100,000 books also for other studios across Canada and in the U.S.”

“For some of them we print also their sales sheet which are printed on the Indigo as well. The Indigo is helping us to do that kind of product very efficiently, so that’s been a big plus for us as being a one stop shop for these large Canadian U.S. studios.”

“The portrait book without the quality of the Indigo presses would not be possible. Trying to build a product like that of a silver halide process would be extremely difficult because you’re limited to single side printing we need to do double side printing.”

“One Indigo 5600 replaces five processors and it is quite a bit smaller than five processors and it doesn’t have all the aggravation of having to get the silver out of the solution. The media is somewhat cheaper, so right off, right off there you have a significant cost saving between probably 35 and 45% depending on choice of media.”

“The new opportunities that the 5600 will give us going forward the gifting industry, photo gifting industry and the Indigo will open this path of new products that was impossible in the past for us to consider from a cost point of view.”

— Robert Ste-Marie, President and CEO, 36Pix

Find more information on the entire portfolio of HP Indigo digital presses, including the HP Indigo 5600, here: http://budurl.com/HPIndigo

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