EasyTote Race Night Tote Ticket Printing System

EasyTote Race Night Tote Ticket Printing System

As part of our ongoing commitment to assist our customers in saving money we have developed an EasyTote Printing system.
The EasyTote system has been designed with ease of use in mind.
You are not required to install any other software for the system to work.
The EasyTote system will run on even the basic Laptops and will even work on Touch Screen Tablets running windows.

We are currently using the system at our Race Nights using an Acer 10.1″ Touch Screen Windows Tablet along with a Thermal receipt printer.

Our Race Night operators believe that this system prints tickets faster than tickets can be ripped off our pads.
This system will enhance your Race Nights making your Race Nights look more professional.
Their are no calculations for the betting desk to work out as the system shows how many have been sold.

The tickets printed can be customised with the Race Names or Sponsors Name for that particular race.

We believe our system is one of the easiest and fastest systems to use.

Our start up kits include our recommended printer, 5 rolls to get you started 1 months access to the software £65.00 including delivery.

After the initial outlay the only ongoing costs are the Printer Rolls.
A box of 10 Printer Rolls are £9.50 + P&P

Visit our website www.easytote.co.uk

Check out - Digital Printing Services

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