How I started my business selling T-shirts online

How I started my business selling T-shirts online

Today I wanted to share with you the story of my apparel company Liner Note Kids ( )! Use the discount code LNKYOUTUBE to get 20% off in the store 🙂 EXPAND FOR ALL INFO:

Starting a small business and selling clothes or anything else you’ve made online can be really daunting. This is the story of how mine started 🙂 It’s a real DIY company: I design, screen-print and sell the shirts online myself. If anyone of you have been wanting to start something like this, I say go for it! And feel free to chat to me about it in the comments, I’ll offer any tips and advice I can, although I am just making it up as I go along! 🙂


My apparel company, Liner Note Kids:
My design portfolio:

My friend Katie’s channel:

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