How To Design Business Cards – Graphic Design Photoshop Tutorial

How To Design Business Cards – Graphic Design Photoshop Tutorial

As mentioned in my FAQ video, I really want this channel to help people learn skills that they can truly benefit from in real life. I researched business card videos on Youtube and found most were quite vague and don’t mention design theory or printing terminology. So I created this version which only focuses on the solid details.

Hope you enjoy this and feel free to use the templates I created for yourself or other people! Try to adapt the design with different fonts, colours or your own personal touches. Also, please don’t feel bad if the common mistakes listed may apply your own card. That’s why they are “common” and this video tells you how to change that for free without having to pay for a designer!

When you click on the image in Dropbox, go to the lower right corner and select the “Download” option (icon with three dots on it). You need Adobe Photoshop to use these templates.

Frainyxo’s Business Card Video:

My Kawaii Branding Tutorial:

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