Juns First Giveaway: 250 Premium Business Cards

Juns First Giveaway: 250 Premium Business Cards

URL for the post: http://bit.ly/JunGives-1

I’m proud to announce the redesign of my blog and my first giveaway ever!!!

The Prize: 3 sets of 250 Premium Business Cards from http://UPrinting.com

How to enter to win:

1. Go to my blog, http://JunLoayza.com, and sign up for my newsletter

2. Submit a 30-second video pitch. Here is my video pitch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qq4v2L6KHo

Follow this link to leave your 30-second video pitch response: http://www.youtube.com/video_response_upload?v=3Qq4v2L6KHo

3. Send a tweet to your followers using the #JunGives hashtag and include the link to the post: http://bit.ly/JunGives-1

I will announce the winners on Friday, October 22. Good luck!!!

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