LabelTac 4 Industrial Label Maker and Sign Printing System

LabelTac 4 Industrial Label Maker and Sign Printing System – 866-777-1360 – Creative Safety Supply

Do you need an easy-to-use label maker / sign printer? The LabelTac 4 series label printer is the kind of tool needed to get the job done right for all kinds of conditions with the ability to print directly from templates compatible with programs like: Photoshop, WORD, OpenOffice, Gimp, Illustrator, or you can even use the Bartender label making software that is included in the box.

This video review will give you a brief review of the labeling machine, and how to use it with compatible software.

It is all in an easy to understand ‘wysiwyg’ design style. What is wysiwyg? It means, “what you see is what you get”–and, once you have the correct drivers and software templates installed, you can print whatever you desire onto the labels and sign materials.

These label printing machines are great for factories, warehouse, and other production facilities, and, with the built-in ethernet, your office employees and floor workers can all share.

Use this label printer for:
-OSHA-compliance workplace signage (with your catchy safety slogans on them)
-Pipe-marking labels
-Arc flash blast signs
-Lean manufacturing, 5s, 6S, and Six Sigma organizational purposes.

If you need to go to the next level, the LabelTac 9 features a robust metal chassis, and supports sign and label material rolls up to 9.5″ in width!

Specifically, the affordable LabelTac 4 series provides maximum heavy-duty service for roll widths up to 4 inches, and churns out thermally-printed labels and signs in up to 4 colors for the LabelTac 4, and up to 6 COLORS for the LabelTac 4 Pro.

We would also be happy to send you an extensive sample packet of our products so that you can put them to the test in your own manufacturing facility or work environment. Just call one of our representatives at 866-777-1360 today and we’ll place it in the mail to you right away!

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