My custom printed TF2 Loadout figurine! (And buying info!)

My custom printed TF2 Loadout figurine! (And buying info!)

New and good things coming soon, I promise, in like 2 days. Until I slip up and it’s like 5. FAQ BELOW, INCLUDING PRICING

The guy selling these:

Just send him a message through Reddit. If the preferred method to contact him changes, I’ll try to keep up as best as I can.

Again, price is 25$ in the US, including shipping. Extreme cases may not apply. Shipping outside of the central 48 US is not covered in the 25. If you’re paying in TF2 items it must be at least at 40% upcharge. (So 35-ish dollars in pure, I don’t know if he charges differently for nonpure) If you guys need any more information, I’ll do my best to answer them below.

All of this stuff is subject to change, he’s just starting up and still needs to work out some kinks. I’m not his spokesperson and what I say isn’t his be-all end all. This shit is really fucking cool though and I had to make a video about it.

Shipping time/other things: The wait to receive mine was relatively short. Maybe a post trip of 4-5 days. The build time in the 3D printer was approximately a day. He only ships after he receives payment. I would imagine he also only builds after receiving payment in most normal cases as well.

Build strength: Seems super durable. I wouldn’t run it over with a car or anything, but I played around with it enough to see that dropping it off the table or something wouldn’t break the coat on the figurine.

Sanding: I used fine grain sandpaper. I wish I had used a dremel, but I don’t own one anymore.

Paint: I used Acrylic paint. Very cheap and reliable. I bought maybe 10 bottles of the stuff at around 50 cents a bottle. I used cheapo brushes as well. Getting into the nooks and crannies of the figurine was a pain in the ass because they do have a heavily textured surface. I don’t think there’s really much of anything you can do to alleviate that, however.

Detail work: The tiniest sharpie I could buy and a lot of patience.

Overall time to paint, including drying: 4-5 hours.

What do I send in the message for my build?
Your loadout and what pose you want the character in. I’d assume he would also like another method of communication with you as well, if you don’t use Reddit much.

Music was made by Seeing Stars, an all around awesome guy. Music is used with explicit written permission to me. You can find this guy at his facebook page and bandcamp:

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