Network Marketing Tips: Never Make This Mistake With Business Cards

Network Marketing Tips: Never Make This Mistake With Business Cards

Network Marketing Tips video explains a serious mistake new marketers make with business cards and explains a more successful strategy.
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Well-meaning people will want to give you Network Marketing tips when you first start your business. Very often they will tell you to purchase business cards from your company. The cards will have the company logo and your contact information that identifies you as an “Independent Distributor.”

Unfortunately, these cards only serve to put a prospect on the defensive. When you hand them a card, it gives them notice to put up walls and be on the defensive before you ever mention your business.

Many years ago I read a book called, Endless Referrals by Bob Burg. He offers a truly effective strategy for NOT giving out business cards. This strategy, described by the author, is a good network marketing tip.

When you are speaking with someone, such as at a Chamber of Commerce card exchange event, do not ask the person to take your card. Instead, get them talking about what they do for a living. Then ask, “Please describe who would be a prospect for your business, so I can refer people to you.”

Perhaps, if you are talking with someone who owns an office furniture store, he might say his best prospect is someone who is about to open a business, or lease office space, and needs furnishings.

Eventually they will ask for your card, in order to be polite. At this point you tell them you just ran out of cards. Look at the card they gave you to be sure that there is a mailing address and/or email address on it. Tell them that you will send them your contact information in a few days.

In a few days mail them a short note that includes your contact information, and perhaps a business card with just your name, phone number and email address. In your note express your pleasure at having met them. Say that you will be happy to send them referrals, and would appreciate the same. Give a short, one sentence description of who is a “prospect” for you.

For example:
“I would appreciate your passing on my contact information to anyone who might be interested in creating a second income that wouldn’t interfere with what they already are doing.”

The business cards that this person received at the event where you met, were likely tossed out the same day as the event. But your contact information now stands out, and is much more likely to be kept if you follow this strategy.

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