SingleJet™ II Heat Transfer Paper – excellent!

SingleJet™ II Heat Transfer Paper – excellent!

This inkjet paper is flat out easy to work with. And, NO PRE-TREATMENT NEEDED (unlike the Direct-to-Garment (DTG) process). It’s the latest generation of inkjet, heat transfer papers that offers high-quality, digital transfer printing capability. SingleJet™ II handles Dye and Pigment-based inks offering remarkable images. Use it on white and light color apparel, puzzle blanks, coasters and other types of surfaces. You’ll get bold color and one-of-a-kind custom designs. Your customers will be quite pleased.

For consistency and vivid print results, we recommend the 1430 Epson inkjet. It can print up to 13’ x 19”. The paper is available in cut sheets in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”.


-The design must be printed in a “mirror image”. When you place it on the heat press bed, the image will then be “right reading”.

-It’s best to trim around the design, as close as possible, because inkjet paper isn’t weedless. Even so, the window on this paper will be virtually invisible.

Heat Transfer Steps:

-Place t-shirt onto heat press bed, add parchment paper on top of shirt and heat press for 8-10 seconds, 350 degrees with MEDIUM PRESSURE. This will remove moisture and wrinkles.

-Next, remove parchment paper and position design onto the shirt.

-Place parchment paper on top of mirror-image design.

-Heat press with MEDIUM PRESSURE at 350 degrees F for 20-25 seconds.

-Immediately and carefully HOT PEEL by starting at a corner and rolling back the paper against the grain in one smooth motion.

• TIP: Heat press again. Place t-shirt onto heat press bed, add parchment paper and repress for 10 seconds. This will help to doubly ensure that the image has been embedded into the fibers of the shirt.
And, that’s a wrap!

Other items you can produce: a photo, flat color design text, block graphics, spot colors, personalized puzzles, light color mouse pads, T-shirts, baseball hats, coasters, bags and more.

Purchase and use the best heat press, as possible. We used the Swingman 20 with all digital time, temp and pressure gauges.

Did you know that you can order on-line and receive Free Shipping with a minimum purchase when delivered in the contiguous U.S.A.? And, that we do ship world-wide?

Questions? Don’t hesitate. Call us at 651-686-5027 x 4 or 2 and let us help you become/remain wildly informed and successful with this great system.

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