Staples Fail – That was NOT easy

Staples Fail – That was NOT easy

Today I ordered some business cards for same-day printing at Staples and discovered in the store that there is a sale and I could have gotten more than twice the cards for about the same price. At no point in my path through the online store was I offered the sale price but on arriving at the store, I discovered a placard with details of the sale.

When I mentioned this to the clerk, he apologized and was nice enough but didn’t offer to *do* anything about it. On the way out the door I was greeted by another employee so I told the tale to him. He said he hoped I’d give them another chance and thanked me. I pointed out the store had already had two chances – the guy at the counter and the guy at the door could have offered to do something right then rather than let me walk out.

Eventually I asked for the manager and got Anna. She was also nice enough and showed me a path through the web site where I *would* have seen the ad. So her approach was to trace it back to my error so that the store wasn’t liable. Only problem, as the video shows, is that there’s a straight path from the front page to the checkout in which you are NEVER shown the sale.

Then to add insult to injury, the web site is broken and will only allow me to sign in by clicking the link in the registration email, but not using the page’s login form.

Staples, tonight you get the NOT Easy buttton.

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