Why Business Cards Matter

Why Business Cards Matter

Statis outlines why it is so important to have business cards for your business and why business cards matter, even in this highly digital age. He focuses on what you should consider and the steps needed when creating business cards for a DJ, Producer, Designer or Entrepreneur. He covers why business cards are so important for small businesses/self employed people and for DJs specifically when in the middle of a set and someone wants to book you then a business card is an invaluable tool so you don’t have to stop and try and give them information while you are busy and with loud music playing. Then he looks into the stages that should be considered when planning how to design business cards, print business cards and make business cards in general. Statis moves on to how to make business cards and discusses standard business card sizes and paper weight (GSM) before reviewing the new Impakt Coloured Core 800gsm High Quality business cards that have just been delivered to him from the printers to see how this new print run compare to his previous 350gsm cards.

Aura Print – Business Cards
Impakt Coloured Core 800gsm

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Beatnik Vlog 077 – Why Business Cards Matter
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